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CP-COV03 is a broad-spectrum antiviral drug that can cure most viral infections, including COVID-19,
by enhancing autophagy and helping cells which have been infected by viruses fight off the viruses.

CP-COV03 is a ‘broad-spectrum’ antiviral drug. The drug is
very effective against a broad range of viral infections, including COVID-19,
since it enhances autophagy and helps cells which have been infected by viruses
fight off the viruses. The main ingredient of CP-COV03 is niclosamide,
which has been proven to be effective against 31 common viral diseases
ranging from the COVID-19 to SARS, MERS, Ebola, AIDS, flu, and so on.
In other words, CP-COV03 comprises the ingredient
which is effective against almost all viral diseases.

Bioavailability of Nicolosamide

A Niclosamide-based antiviral drug developed by
solving the low bioavailability issue of niclosamide and repurposing niclosamide

→ The level of niclosamide in the blood remains abovethe effective concentration for 24 hours.
→ Our drug delivery technology successfully increased the bioavailability of niclosamide, a poorly water-soluble drug, up to 40-fold.


Robust Antiviral Efficacy of Niclosamide, the Main Ingredient of CP-COV03
Efficacy of CP-COV03
To quickly find antiviral drugs, academics have been trying to identify
if any of FDA-approved drugs are effective against viruses. As a result,
in the early 2000s, researchers found that a drug, or more specifically,
niclosamide, is effective against SARS. After that,other researchers found that
niclosamidecould be used to fight not only SARS, but also other viral infections
such as Zika virus disease, yellow fever, and Ebola virus disease.
The amazing fact that niclosamideproved effective against the viruses,
regardless of which family the viruses belonged to, showed that there is
potential for niclosamide to develop into a new broad-spectrum antiviral drug.
※ Niclosamide: It is the main ingredient of Yomesan, an anthelmintic introduced by Bayer,
     German company, in 1962. Afterbeingused over a long time span and proven safe,
     niclosamide has been listed on the WHO List of Essential Medicines.


The most promising host-directed
antiviral drug candidate : Niclosamide

→ In a research conducted to search for broad-spectrum antiviral drugs, niclosamide was effective against the broadest range of viruses regardless of their type.

Niclosamide, the Drug That Medical Professionals Are Paying Attention to